About me

God’s mercy to me

My name is Peter Franz. A few years ago, the Lord Jesus changed my life, just as Paul’s life was changed when Jesus met him on the road to Damascus. The Lord called me to repentance, He changed me when He came to me with His great power, and in fear, I began to cry out: have mercy on me, have mercy on me, Lord.

The Lord Jesus asked me: why do you do evil, why do you sin, as some did in the past, committing fornication, smoking, and living as the world does, why? The Lord reproved me…

The Lord remembered me, that when I was little, I walked by faith, He called me to repentance. I was so sure that I was saved, that I was on the right path, but it was not so. I received many revelations from the Lord Jesus and showed that many religions lead to perdition, for they preach the word from people, written by them, not guided by the Holy Spirit.