A book for those who love God and those who believe in the One Who loves and has mercy.

A book for those who love God and those who believe in the One Who loves and has mercy.

A book for those who love God and those who believe in the One Who loves and has mercy.

A word from the One who loves and forgives.

In this book, is written the word for the children of God who are still in the organization created by a man named Charles Taze Russell. He was not the person chosen by the Lord God of Israel; the leaders of this organization themselves can confirm this.

This person, they themselves, “Jehovah’s Witnesses” (formerly “Bible Students”), have chosen this person as their teacher. We know that for us there is only one Teacher. He is Living and Acting, who teaches us not through priests, not through Catholics or Protestants. We are taught by the Holy Spirit, who instructs, comforts, corrects, and reproves us, as written in the Holy Bible in the Gospel of John 14:26.

The Bible was given through people who love the truth of the Living God, not as some love to distort My word, says the Lord God of Hosts, whose Name is not pronounced correctly in many translations of the Bible, especially in the so-called ‘New World Translation.’

God loves you all; repent, for His wrath is great, and to each, God will repay according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings. (Jeremiah 32:19).

The Lord of hosts, who is the Eternal God, loves the one who is humble and meek, not like you go around shouting that you know God and that His Name is not written in the Synodal translation, but in yours.

Thus says the One who loves and the One who shows mercy: Do not abandon My word, which is written in the old translation, in which, as you say, My Name is not present.

My Name is in everyone who calls upon Me, as openly to each — someone knows Me as Adonai, another as the Great God of Israel, another as the Great Lord, God of Hosts.

But these are not all My Names or, as you say, titles; these are some of the most common among you, My children,” says the God of love, who loves and forgives everyone who comes to Me, the God of love: God is love, and there is no anger or hatred in Him.

As you say, if you do not know God by name, you are not saved, or say you are not of His people, because you do not know God by name.

Who revealed My Name to you? Are you not spreading what you like and what your teachers from the governing body write to you, who themselves do not understand what they are giving you. They write one thing, then after a while, write something completely different, as if playing tic-tac-toe, such a game that you will hit the mark someday.

It is not so with the children of God: They love God, and God feeds them, clothes them, and raises them in the truth, as My Word writes, says your loving God, whom you do not listen to but think that you listen to Me. When they say to you, your mentors or your so-called servant of God – he is not a servant of God; they are the ones who are looking for their, which love luxury and wealth, they love their so-called ministers of God, who do not submit to Me as Lord and Savior, which saved you from death.

Here’s what I, the Lord, will say to you: Repent, for there is none other Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)