Jonathan and David

Jonathan and David
(Revelation from God)
Jonathan was obedient to God not because he walked where there was no God, but because he was with God and loved God. And today, My people walk where there is no God, and listen to their so-called Sauls.
When Jonathan loved David and strengthened and helped him, Jonathan did not argue with him, did not scold him: why do you not walk with my father, who is the king of Israel? On the contrary, he strengthened him and said to David: be brave and courageous.
Thus says God, the Creator of heaven and earth: My people do not see My spiritual and obedient David; they only see their Saul, whom they wanted. Behold, when My children, such kings as Saul, rose among you, you listened to them.
You chase away My children, whom I have raised like David, because you love only what you see and listen to them.
This is why Jonathan was faithful to Me and David, because he valued My children who were obedient and feared Me.